In Uncategorized on April 27, 2010 at 11:03 pm

Well today was orientation day. We got a tour of the hotel and saw some rooms and all the food and beverage outlets. It’s AMAZING!! The Eden restaurant is unbelievable. It’s western Canada’s only 5 star dining room and you can tell. The views are surreal. The mountains are so gorgeous. I met my direct supervisor briefly as well. The hotel is pretty confusing, I foresee getting lost once or twice. K already got lost last night trying to get back to our room. On a fabulous note, the beds in our room are SUPER comfy. In fact I had a nap today. It was lovely. I haven’t taken a picture of our room yet because my camera has been dead, but I’ll do it soon. Also, we’re going to have to get shaw in so we can have some internet. Apparently, the hotel has no wireless for us. Which sucks, but it’s only $10 a month to have it hooked up so that’s ok. Getting excited to start work tomorrow morning. I love banquets, and the conference facilities here are amazing. 14 rooms plus 2 foyers. I’m getting to work on my co-op goals and I think I have them all ready. For now, I’ll attach a pic of me across the valley from the Banff Springs.

You can see the Rimrock just over my head. Bye for now!!!

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