Room 900

In Uncategorized on May 7, 2010 at 12:40 am

I’d like to talk about the hotel for a minute. In case you weren’t aware, the resort is built into the side of a mountain. For true. It’s just a few minutes up the mountain from the Banff Springs. When you enter the hotel, the lobby is on the 7th floor. There’s two more floors of guest rooms above the main (7th) floor  and then two more levels of guest rooms below the main floor. The banquet office and kitchen etc, are all on the 6th floor. As you get further down the building, there’s 4 floors of staff accommodation, with gradually less and less rooms (it’s like the hotel is an upside down pyramid and as it tapers, there’s less room for rooms, which is where we live). Now, the hotel is halfway up sulphur mountain. At the very top floor (9), at the corner where the building peaks, is room 900.  The outermost, uppermost corner of the hotel. As you can imagine, the view is spectacular. Room 900 is a banquet room, which is why I got to go in there this afternoon. There’s a giant patio where people often have their marriage ceremonies as well as inside facilities. It’s so gorgeous up there. At some point I will definitely be taking some photos and putting them up. I just had to share a little about the hotel and the amazing view. That’s all I have for today.

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