White Out!

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2010 at 11:47 pm

So, mothers day was intense. We did a brunch for 640 people.  The banquet staff all started at 8, and then we had waves of stolen associates from other departments who came to help. It all went really well. The set up was pretty crazy. Two ballrooms full of tables, two other banquet rooms with seating as well and the whole pre-function area was set for the buffet. Unreal. So after that we did some set ups for tuesday so that we could all have monday off. Which was MUCH appreciated.

While we were setting up, the coolest thing happened. One minute it was sunny outside and I could see the mountains and the river out of the banquet room window and then a wierd fog started rolling in. Within 5 minutes, I couldn’t see anything. The mountains, the river, everything, GONE. The only thing that was visible was hail and fog. It was a white out!! Then I went to fold some napkins and came back 15 mins later and I could see everything again. It rolled out just as quickly as it came it. So neat. This week isn’t too crazy, we have a bit of a lull coming up so I’ve managed to secure three days off in a row and I’ll be headed to Edmonton to celebrate a birthday! I may or may not go to the West Edmonton mall and never ever leave.

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