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I love my job. So much fun and I’m learning new things everyday. There’s some really amazing people that  have so many random tidbits of knowledge to share. The other really neat thing about banquets is that we get a lot of part time helpers from other departments, especially when we have big events, because obviously the regular staff can’t do everything all the time, especially when we have back to back events or really big dinners. So, since there’s random extra staff, even though I’m new, I know what’s going on more than they do, so it gives me a chance to take more of a leadership role, even if it’s just telling them which room to set or how to set cutlery, it’s still going to help me to switch my mindset from employee to management. And the core banquet crew is so amazing. Everyone is wonderful and gets along with eachother so well. Here’s a picture of Bex and I in our super hot uniforms!!

And in the background is out lovely banquet office and back hall. 
  1. hi

    i came across your blog on google as i was searching for the staff uniform at banff springs.

    i am soon to start my placement at banff in june as an in-room dining attendant. really exited! but also scared! lol i am coming over from manchester, UK.

    i was just wondering if you are also on a placement there, and what your role is? 🙂

    also i was just wondering if fairmont gave me the correct uniform in my contract, it stated that i am to wear a kilt…?! lol slightly concerned! haha

    thanks 🙂


    • Hi Hanna! Im afraid I won’t be much help in the Banff Springs department. I worked at the Rimrock resort, which is just up the mountain from the Banff Springs. I’m sure you will love it there, I had an amazing time. I can’t comment on the Fairmont’s uniforms, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a kilt was part of it! When do you start?? Stay in touch if you need any advice while settling in Banff, don’t hesitate to ask! Tt’s such a great place and I can definitely give you advice on acclimatizing to the town itself!

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