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I wanted to talk for a minute about the diversity here in Banff. One thinks that in Canada, a Canadian would be in the majority. Not so. By far, this town is populated by Australians! I’m definitely a minority here. I also work some frenchies which has been great for my french skills. I used to be fluent in french and over the years, having very few people to talk to has taken a toll on my skills and they dwindled. One of the girls in banquets is french and we have an agreement that she speaks english to me and I correct her and I speak french to her and she corrects me. It works out really well because we are both practicing and learning. Speaking it everyday has really helped bring it all back, and there’s something about speaking a language that helps you remember words far more easily than if you were to take a class. Plus this is free!! And very entertaining. For both of us. Also none of the Aussies speak french so it’s the best language to tell secrets in if it’s necessary!!

Speaking of Aussies, they have their own language too. It’s kind of english, but mostly gibberish. So I’ve found myself becoming something of an Aussie to English to French translator. Some of the frenchies are still learning to speak english, let alone learn to speak Aussie. Confused?? Here’s a few Aussie terms that one needs to know in order to have a conversation with one:

Afternoon = Arvo
No worries = No wokkas
Whine = whinge
Friend = mate
Guy = bloke
Messed up = buggered
Garbage = rubbish
I wonder = I reckon

I learn new ones everyday.
It’s a very lazy language. They speak with very relaxed palates apparently which is why they sound like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for accents, but really, there’s no V in afternoon. How does it turn into arvo?? REALLY?!?! For serious? Yup. It happens. I’ve heard it. I’ve also gotten into several arguments about that specific word and even they admit that it doesn’t make much sense. Oh also, my Aussie name is Ezza. Or Ez if they’re feeling particularly lazy/hurried. I like it, it’s got a nice ring to it. I may change it permenantly!

  1. For future reference, it's spelt "wukka",and we also use "i reckon" instead of "i think"Miss you Ezza!

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