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One of the things that I love about banquets is that I get to do random work all over the place. Last night I worked in Divas for the employee of the month ceremony thing. Divas is one of the 4 F&B outlets here. It’s the martini lounge and it’s SO GORGEOUS!!! I absoutely adore the room. In fact, I’d like to decorate a room in my future house like it. It’s got a 50’s feeling to it, with wood and brass everywhere. It’s one big room withhuge high ceilings and stained glass lamps/fixtures. The Divas logo and all the writing (menus, washroom signs, etc) are in script that’s remnicent of a 50’s movie poster, I’ll have pictures soon to show you what I mean. The furniture varies from comfy blue chairs, (I don’t know what style they are but they’re comfy and high backed and beautiful) around tables to couch-like chairs in corners with low cocktail tables. There’s 8 televisions, including one large one behind the bar, and appx 10 bar seats. The walls are covered in photos of, you guessed it, divas throughout history. AND……(dun dun duuuun) there’s about 30 photos of my personal favorite diva, my hero, Marilyn Monroe (which you already knew if you know me at all). There’s over a hundred photos all together and all black and white. There’s everyone you can imgaine right through from Marilyn, to Uma Thurman, Madonna, and everyone in between. The women’s washroom has beigeish wallpaper with photos of handsome men from cinema history and dim lighting, it’s so beautiful. The mens washroom has a subdued leopard print wallpaper (which I absolutely LOVE) with photos of film’s greatest female icons. I’m totally in love with the room. I’m going to try to get in there to take pictures at some point so I can show you exactly what I mean. It shouldn’t be too hard because Divas is the one F&B outlet that staff are allowed to frequent without permission as long as we’re dressed appropriately. If we want to go to the other 3 we need permission from out department heads. I’ll write more about the others as I get photos and work in them.

Actually! I have worked a few shifts in the Primrose dining room, which were really fun. Quite a bit more relaxed than banquets. We spend a lot of time running around lifting heavy stuff. In Primrose (the breakfast/dinner outlet) everyone knows what their jobs are and they do them well, but there isn’t really a need to do more or rush around. It’s quite relxing actually. And the staff are hysterical. I hang out ith a lot of them when I’m not working but you really get to know people differently when you work with them. And the restuarant staff are just as awesome to work with as they are to hang out with. Great attitudes and senses of humor. Although my co-workers from my home department (banquets) are definitely the people I’m closest too hand have so much fun with, I’m really enjoying getting to know the staff from the other departments too.

Speaking of staff, I need to watch Scarface as soon as possible. One of my banquet captains and a night server speak in the wierd accent from that movie and quote it constantly and I have no idea what’s going on. They call everyone ‘Tony’. Actually last night they started calling me ‘Antonia’ which is a little nicer than Tony. It’s very entertaining but I’ve been informed that I must watch the movie. So that’s on my list of things to do this week.

Oh right, back to Divas and the employee of the month. So, Divas is so awesome. I was in there because banquets is in charge of the employee of the month ceremony thing. It was neat. A (the HR director) announces all the nominees and also all the service anniversaries for the month. Then she announces who actually won and the head of their department gives a little speech about how awesome they are. I didn’t do much, poured pops and put chips on the tables, but it was really cool to see all the big bosses acknowledging the hard work of employees. There’s also a ‘leader of the quarter’ award. I think that’s given out every 4 months or so. Plus the more that I get to interact with the management the better. I like the idea of doing an employee of the month thing. Also acknowledging the people who have been working for the company for a long time is really cool. There’s even service anniversary pins. Not sure how many exactly, but I think there’s a 1 year, a 5 year then 10, 15, 20, etc. I got a chance to look at people’s pins and certificates. Pretty cool. You also get a certificate if you are nomnated for employee of the month, as two of our banquet supervisors were. So that’s that.

Oh, in case I haven’t mentioned it yet, we have a prom coming up in banquets. Yup, that’s right, a prom. Canmore high school kids. And their parents. 500 of them. Tomorrow. Should be pretty entertaining. We’re borrowing 24 staff from other departments to help pull it off. That’s right, 24. It’s kinda fun when we borrow staff. It’s like a big staff party except we still have to work. And it gets really hectic when you have that many people that don’t really know what they are doing and only 10 of us that know what’s going on. But so much fun!!! This is what I came here for!! Fun, adventure, and prom!! Stay tuned!!

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