In Uncategorized on June 3, 2010 at 12:28 am

So,  I realized that I forgot about some Aussie slang.Or maybe I just learned some more since I last discussed it.

Keen – interested in
‘I’m really keen on going to bingo tomorrow night’

As – used in conjunction with anything to make it even more awesome
‘This movie is keenas’

I know what you’re thinking….keen as what??  I’m still not sure, but it’s something great.

Speaking of keen, I had a chat with the head of my department today, I’ve been working mostly nights the last week or so and so I haven’t seen him much since he’s mostly days. I asked him how I can improve and what I can do better and he said to keep up my enthusiasm and that after the first few days I was already better than some of the current staff. He said I really impressed them.  That’s such a hugely amazing thing to hear, and really rewarding also. I’ve been really working hard since I got here and it’s really fantastic to hear that it’s been noticed. After my shift, he sat me down and asked if I have a business suit here and I said yes and he said that sometime soon it’s be nice to get me in a business suit (only the captains wear suits) shadowing the captains for a few shifts to get a better idea of what they do on a day to day basis. I said that would be amazing and then he said that I might get to actually do some captain work when one of our captains leaves at the end of the summer before they hire a new one. I was blown away. What a fantastic opportunity for me! I’m really lucky to have someone in charge that is so interested in helping me succeed and teaching me things while I’m here. I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!! I did a happy dance in the elevator on the way down to my room!!


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