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So I know that I keep talking about my goals and such and if you’re actually reading this than you may also be wondering what exactly those goals are. Well, here you are, a copy of my goals for future reference. Also for my own reference when I have to come back and talk about them, as I shall do very soon, I swear!!

GOAL:  To improve my management skills and mindset by watching and learning from the members of management that I currently interact with
1) Each week, identify a skill or quality in a member of the management team that I admire and would like to possess______
2) Analyze my own behavior in terms of that particular skill or quality and determine whether or not it is one that I possess______
3) Incorporate that skill into my daily interactions with others. ______

GOAL:   To perform to my maximum potential in my current position and achieve an ‘outstanding’  evaluation from my manager at the end of my co-op.
1) Complete assigned tasks promptly, efficiently and correctly______
2) Ask for feedback weekly from my supervisor throughout my work term______
3) Go above and beyond what is required of me, look for extra projects to do
4) Spend some of my time off learning the computer system and the different methods of billing within my department______

GOAL:  To expand my knowledge base and learn as much as possible by working shifts in other departments when possible______
1) Discuss the possibility of picking up other shifts with my direct manager and ask that he keep me in mind if any shifts come up______
2) Speak with the managers of other departments and let them know that I am willing and able to cross train.______
3) Take any measures necessary for each department to ensure that I am able to cover shifts. For instance, present a photocopy of my driver’s license to the controller so I may be added to the on-call bellman list. ______

GOAL: To make more time in my life for the things that make me happy, this will make me a more balanced and happy person and therefore, a more effective worker and manager.
1)    Do one thing a day that is just for me, whether it is going to the gym or watching a movie or even taking a nap. One thing that is JUST for me and not for anyone else.
2)    Make time to keep up with proper nutrition and vitamins, missing meals is such a simple thing but takes such a huge toll on one’s body and mind. This means I must take my supplements twice a day and eat 4-6 meals a day, (including snacks and protein shakes)

GOAL: To get my marathon time down to under 4:30 for the Royal Victoria Marathon on Oct. 11.
1)    Run at least 4 days a week.
2)    Make one of those runs a long distance run, 20 km every week until July when it will increase to 30 km.
3)    Make one of the runs a hard but short run, perhaps uphill or sprint intervals.
4)    Make sure to not over-train at the end of September and taper down until the Royal Victoria Marathon on Oct. 11th

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