Spring Fling

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2010 at 9:39 pm

So I worked the spring fling and it was super fun. Since it was a staff party of sorts, all the higher-ups helped work the event so more staff could attend. This meant there were just two of us actual banquet staff working and the head of human resources, the operations manager, and the food and beverage manager were all clearing the plates. I worked the bar with the sales manager. I used that opportunity to pick his brain about my career and such. He said that if I’m working towards GM, I’m right on target, having tons of food and beverage experience is good. He also said that getting front desk experience would be crucial. I really hope I can get some of that here before I leave. He was very helpful and when I asked if I could come and shadow him for a day he thought that was a great idea. I think I’d be good in sales. As much as I adore food and beverage, banquets in particular, I think I’d really excel sales. I’m a connector, I bring people together and help get them what they want. That’s what sales in a hotel is all about. So that’s another interesting avenue I could look into.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that I get to do random server assistant shifts here and there in the restaurant. I figure the more I branch out, the more management will think of me for random tasks and moving up etc. ANd just to learn how they do things in other departments. I’ve been coercing people into letting me ring things in while i’m there so I get used to their particular micros system. I have a lovely restaurant shift next week.

It’s getting a little slower around here so I’m going to look into getting a nightclub job as much as I hate the clubs here. I have found that I actually really miss working in the bar and a little extra income wouldn’t hurt me at all. I love nightclub bartending, so much fun.

Also, I called my parents last week and was all excited to tell them about my big epiphany about how I thrive on change and need to be constantly challenged and they were like ‘of course sweetie, you’ve always been like that’. So my big revelation was in fact just a known truth. Sometimes you discover things about yourself that everyone else has known all along.

There’s an opening for a banquet captain that I would be considered for if I didn’t have to go home so soon. It’s tempting to not go back, I really love it here and think I could stay longer. But I can’t just not go back to school. It wouldn’t be right. Not legit!!

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