Sulphur Mountain

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So, since I’ve had a few days off, I’ve been outside constantly! So nice to get a little break from being inside all the time! Also, as you might remember, one of my goals is to speed up my marathon time to under 4.5 hours. Part of my training is to be running 3 10k runs and 1 20k run a week during july. It’s july now!!! So yesterday I did my first 20k of the summer, the route is a little imperfect, it may be a little short but it’s also partly straight uphill so I’m giving myself a little wiggle room there. It ran a GORGEOUS route  from the resort down to Sundance Canyon, where there’s a little wooden walkway system that goes all around the marsh. A little further there’s caves but I didn’t make it to those, those are for exploring another day. So my run went well, and then I hiked up Sulphur Mountain with a few friends. So beautiful. I’ll throw some pics up here in a minute. While we were hiking up we found a trail that leads out to the caves and the basin so I think we’re going to spend a day doing that walk next week, if we go down the other side of Sulphur, it comes up near the caves and at the middle of my 20k run loop. Back to work tomorrow and then a double on saturday! Funsies! Here are some photos from the mountain!!

A cool waterfall at the base of the mountain. As we got farther up we actually passed the point where this waterfall turned into snow. We were higher than snow. For true.
On the left is this crazy little stone hut that’s on the summit peak of the mountain that was used in the 50’s by a scientist who was studying cosmic rays, he was also a mountain climber. He lived up there in that hut for like 20 years!! On the right is me on the lower peak viewing area.
These are pretty self explanitory. 
View from the top
From the highest peak where the stone hut is, you can see the gondola, which is in this photo, there’s cool wooden stairs going from the gondola up to the summit peak.
Kristy and I on the Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station sign.
This is the view of our resort from the gondola on the way down!!

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