In Uncategorized on July 5, 2010 at 8:10 pm

So I was thinking about my goals and how they’re going. I feel like the work goals are going well, I need to discuss a leadership quality for this week which I will do ASAP, but for the mot part, work is going fabulously! And my marathon training is going fairly well also. I’m gearing up for another 20k run tomorrow morning, and am on track with my 3 10k runs per week as well. I’ve altered the other runs a little bit because hill running is definitely my weakness and here in the mountains I have a great opportunity to do lots of hill training, so one of those runs a week has become a little shorter but more focused on running uphill, which hurts me but needs to be done. So that’s good. The one thing I have been thinking about is doing something everyday that’s just for me. This is a funny goal because on one hand, things like running and going to the gym are time that’s just for me, but it’s not quite the same thing. It’s the little moments, the time I take to go through an exercise magazine, or even just letting myself sleep in a little bit. It’s really tough for me to relax. Banff has definitely helped because I kind of got to start over. At home there’s a lot of people expecting me to do a lot of things and my time gets filled up even before I realize it. Here I got to start over where no one had any expectations of me so I get to do more things for myself. Even little moments help. The other day I was running in a rainstorm and I just stopped and looked up and stood in the rain for a minute. Pure quiet moments like that make my soul happy. Anyway, time for work!! The lounge is looking for someone to pick up some food running shifts this week, I’m going to look into that!!

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