Pancake Breaky!!

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So here at the Rimrock we have all kinds of fun staff events, as you’ve probably gathered, such as the Spring Fling/AGM. Last week, to celebrate the stampede, we had a pancake breakfast for the staff. Being that I’m in banquets, I usually get to work these fun events. SO!! This time I got to dress up like a cowboy and work the event on the patio!! SO MUCH FUN!! It also gave me a nice opportunity to chat with some of the upper management about just random stuff. Bonding time, if you will. The head of HR and I made pancakes, well she scooped the batter and I put berries in them. It’s nice to get a chance to find out things about people that aren’t work related. For instance, the head of HR is also a runner, she’s training for her first half marathon this year, so we chatted about running and training and such, which is my favorite topic of discussion. I also made pancakes with our operations manager! Upper management took turns making pancakes!!
In activities news, my friend Ryan and I hiked the plains of six glaciers, in Lake Louise a few days ago. SO GORGEOUS!!!! The hiking out here is surreal. I just want to spend all of my time outside wandering around and seeing everything I possibly can!!! When I’m not working, that is!
I think it’s time for some more fun photos!!!!

The view of the side of the resort from the spa patio

Sam and I dressed as cowboys!
Our director of operations cooking pancakes!
On the way to Lake Louise, an osprey nesting on top of a bridge.
GRIZZLY BEAR!!!!! We also saw a black bear cub on the way to the lake but my photo didn’t turn out too well.
The view from the Chateau Lake Louise. We hiked all the way up to the very far away glaciers that you can see in the back center of the photo.
I’m in a tree. Well, under the roots.
We found a glacial cave that i felt the need to wander around in. It went SO far back!!
Almost at the lookout point!!! In case you’re wondering, I’m eating an apple, that’s what’s going on there.

The glaciers were AMAZING!!
The glacier-fed creek/river, it feeds into Lake Louise
The ‘beehive’ and the glacier lake in front of it. So cold and refreshing.
Ryan looking back to where we started. You can almost see the Chateau way way in the back of the photo.
The view of the Chateau Lake Louise from about halfway through our hike
A sweet glacier waterfall thingy that I felt the need to stand under!
Almost at the lookout, somewhere around two minutes after this photo was taken, we got caught in a freak rainstorm
There’s two ‘teahouses’ around the hiking area that serve tea and food to weary hikers!! SO COOL!!! The building was built by the Swiss a very long time ago and is mostly stone. The people who live and work up there have no electricity or anything!! They do all their cooking daily from scratch on propane stoves!!
Look at the cool old dumbwaiter in the corner!!! This is the kitchen and then upstairs there’s tables and a serving area.
It’s SO cool that they do this all from scratch without modern equipment! Makes me grateful for all the modern technology in Dunlop House!!
Taking a quiet moment at a table at the tea house
OMG totally forgot to mention that on the way down we heard a HUGE bang that we thought was thunder. You could feel it go through the mountain, we turned around and it was an avalanche!!! We were quick enough to catch some photos of it!!
That might look like a waterfall but it’s actually frozen solid!!
Contemplating life and the forest!!
More later, for now, that’s all she wrote!!

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