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I had about a billion trillion different things on my mind today and was going to blog about them all but then I’ve forgotten most of those and will only end up blogging about a few! Sorry! For starters, today I became a volunteer member of the hotel’s emergency evacuation team (H.E.E.T). It’s pretty cool, if there’s any kind of emergency, myself and the other volunteers meet at the central emergency office and I get to evacuate floors and guide people to safety and use the emergency phones and stuff. I went through a fun little training procedure and received a manual and all that jazz. So obviously I don’t hope there’s an emergency, but if there is, I get to be a part of helping everyone! Which is cool. And most likely looks good on my resume, I imagine!!  I’ve got pictures of the 20km loop that I run, it goes right up to the basin where the original hot springs originate! Banff national park was officially originated at that basin in 1885. It’s SO beautiful!! Here’s some photos!

This gorgeous wooden walkway/boardwalk thing runs all around the marsh, since it’s a very delicate eco-system, this allows people to view the marsh and the springs without endangering the species that live there.
It also happens to be a fantastic place to run
This white stuff is actually a type of moss that can grow in the hot sulphury water. It is a very important source of nutrition for the animals and insects that live in the marsh.
That’s me having a meditative moment by the basin
The hot springs are so hot that even the winter frost doesn’t get to it and it remains green and lush in the immediate vicinity of the springs for most of the winter
The boardwalk. It’s so beautiful out there. On my runs I feel like I’m the only person in the world. It’s amazing.
The boardwalk branches off into these little viewing areas
Cascade Mountain
This bird blind is another view point that juts out from the main boardwalk
The Bow River!! It’s everywhere!
I can’t resist climbing out on fallen trees. 
Yup, this is where I live!! 
Its just ALWAYS this beautiful!! 
I know I had more things I wanted to blog about but I’ve clearly forgotten all about them. More later!! 

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