Vacation and other wonderful things

In Uncategorized on August 11, 2010 at 7:50 pm

So I went on vacation. And I took some banquets staff with me. And it was AMAZING!! I really missed the smell of the ocean. So nice to be home. We went up to tofino for a day and I got to see the people from the program who are working up there. We even stayed in their staff accom. It was really interesting to see what their staff accom is like compared to ours. They don’t have their own bathroom and they sleep in bunkbeds which is cool. But it definitely made me appreciate my bathroom. However they have a lot more freedom, they don’t have crazy security staff like we do, much more chill. However, it’s also a much more laidback property, which I imagine makes things quite different.

I’m already getting focused on winter co-op. I have a first second and third choice but I really really really really want to get my first choice. I’m afraid to talk about it yet just in case I jinx it, so I’m not going to say anything else until I know more details. But I will say that I love Disney more than most people love their own children.

Oh yea, my family was here. It was really nice to get to introduce them to my Banff family, and all my co-workers were so wonderful to them, and took good care of them when I had to work. More and more I realize how much the staff here are just like a family. We are so close, and we fight and we make up and we’re constantly around each other 24 hours a day and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s like of like how the HMGT class is such a tight knit bunch. I miss everyone soooo much!  I got to see some people while I was home, but not enough, I can’t wait til october when we’re all back together like a happy little family in D-Ho. And we have new recruits!! Little firsties to play with!! While I was home I stopped at D-Ho to visit the summer class, it’s really crazy to think that last year I was in the summer class group, it’s been a whole year!!! wow. Time really flies. I’m getting old. Yikes. Ok, that’s enough of that. I think I had more to say but as per usual, I’m getting distracted by shiny things. I’m also really sick so I’m just miserable right now. I don’t deal with being sick well, so I’m going to go wallow in a corner and watch CSI.

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