In Uncategorized on August 25, 2010 at 8:07 pm

So, I’ve been working like a crazy person in 4 different departments. Banquets (my home), Primrose (the restaurant), Larkspur (the lounge), and BELLDESK!!!! I have so many different uniforms in my room that I’m sometime never sure which one I should be wearing at which point. I just finished my second bell shift and I LOVE it. Not that I don’t love food and beverage, because I really do, it’s a lot of fun and it’s where my skill set lies. I’ve been doing it for so long though, and I’ve never done any front desk or bell stuff. I’m really loving it. I get to walk around in the hallways (food and beverage staff aren’t allowed on guest floors unless absolutely necessary, in banquets sometimes we get to because we have to set up things in funny places, but no restaurant staff ever get to go anywhere)!! In the hallways!! So fun!! And everyone just assumes I’m doing important work because I’m in a bell uniform. When really, I’m often just wandering around. I get to do room checks, which means I get to see the insides of lots of rooms, I bring guest luggage to rooms, pick up guest luggage, chat with guests about their stays and such. I LOVE having more guest interaction. I also love telling people what to do, which really comes into play when they ask me what they should look at while in Banff. I think I really would excel in concierge. And the money is pretty good. OH, I also get to park cars!! So fun. I love the bell desk. It’s my new fave place to be (other than banquets).

We have some VIP guests in the hotel right now, which prompted the PR department to send out a memo regarding guest security. It’s a really big deal here. Famous people come and stay and they rely on us to not talk to the media. And staff that don’t comply with the privacy policy lose their jobs. For real. No joke. Serious business!!

Also, I’ve got a really cool new toy. The nike+ system for my ipod nano!! It tracks all my runs and when I plug it into my computer it sends all the info to nike and it keeps track of my progress and stuff online. Super cool and is making me feel super motivated to achieve my marathon goals!! It also knows exactly how far I’ve run, which really comes in handy here because I never know exactly how far I’ve run, now I do!!  More accurate training = better results!! YES!! LOVE

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