In Uncategorized on August 31, 2010 at 1:50 am

SO!!! I get to work in Eden!! The 5 star dining room!! ME! That’s right! I’m so excited. After my banquets shift on saturday and before my shift at the nightclub I get to work as a hostess in Eden from 6-9pm! Hooray!!! I also went to Calgary today with the girls and bought the new Nike+ heart rate monitor to assist me with my running goals. Excited!! Also, I feel it’s important to realize just how many different uniforms I have lying around my room now that I work not only in banquets but also bell, larkspur, primrose and now Eden. You’ve seen the banquets outfit before. Here’s larkspur!!

Soon to come is a shot of the bell outfit. PS. Bell is so much fun!!! I love it tooooo much!! YEsterday I got to drive a viper. Plus, I think it’s really my area of expertise, lots of guest interacting and chatting and giving my opinion, which I love to do. 
Here’s some photos of Chef Guy’s newest sugar sculpture which is stunning and magical and makes me happy inside!!
Yes, those sure are little sugar bears. For true. Anyhow, it’s True Blood marathon time here and the ladies will be over in a few minutes! Bye bye!

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