Hello, concierge, how may I help you?

In Uncategorized on September 10, 2010 at 12:58 am

I had so much fun on the bell desk today. The owner of the resort is in town right now which is putting a little pressure of everyone but despite that we had so much fun!! I set off a car alarm, always amusing. That was quickly recovered from. I also drove like a million trucks today. For some reason everything I got was massive. Always a good time. I think the winner of the day was either the Hummer or the GMC Envoy. Actually, the Envoy was my fave. So much room but not too crazy big like a suburban. I just love the bell desk. I got referred to at the ‘strong bellwoman’ this morning. So cute. The doorman asked this couple if they needed help with their bags and the woman was like ‘no, the strong bellwoman has them’. I was so flattered!

OH!! I’m in Eden again next saturday!! So exciting!! I love it there!! I get to work a full shift this time! So fun.

Officially tapering down for the race on sunday, it’s making me a little crazy.

Oh, getting ready for a HUGE week tomorrow. One of our biggest groups is in next week. They’re a  oil company and they spend a whole lot of money and we work for literally 4 days straight. For 3 days in a row we all have BLD shifts (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). And then a break on thursday. Big week!

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