In Uncategorized on November 21, 2010 at 1:54 am

ACK!! So much to do, so little time. On top of all our Dunlop House stuff, those of us going to Disney are trying to get all our paperwork and finances figured out. Since I’m a property owner there’s a few more complications for me. We need proof of a certain amount of money, we need visas and insurance and plane tickets. and dermablend to cover our tattoos and also need to maybe sleep once in a while!! Three more weeks of classes and then that’s done so that’s a little reassuring, but still, this is such a hectic term to begin with. It’s really important to figure out how to balance all the pieces of your life. I’m such a busy person to begin with (2 jobs, horses, training etc) that my life was already hectic. I’ve gotten much better in the last year or so about knowing when I need to stop and take a break. Well, maybe not stop, but at least slow down for a few minutes to breathe and take out my contacts!! I never thought that being an insomniac would serve me well but it’s working in my favor right now. I’m also really grateful for the people that facilitate my being able to ride horses while I’m home. They really help with stress relief. When I’m riding or triathlon training is the only time that I really can shut my brain off and just’s so amazing to just be and do and not worry about a million things at once. It’s hard but I think that without that time I would go crazy. True story.

My future home?? I think SO!!!!

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