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So we made it!! 3 of our group missed their flights out of Vancouver, but they showed up in the end, which is fantastic. I had a marvelous time coming through customs, my customs official was super nice and we laughed and joked and had a grand time. So this was by far the easiest time I’ve ever had coming through customs. So we are currently in Riverside, California, today is Martin Luther King day here in the states so it’s a day off for us. We had a really lovely reunion with all our HMGT friends whom I’ve missed very much. There’s a lot of international people, lots of new friends to meet. I’m going to learn spanish pretty quickly I think. My roommate is from Spain, she’s really nice. There’s a few groups of people from Spain, some from Madrid and others from Barcelona. There’s a group of Moroccans who are really cool and also some from France, I haven’t really fun into them much yet but I know they’re here somewhere. We start our classes tomorrow, lots of fun to be had I’m assuming, but also lots of work. This morning Johnny and I ate breakfast in the sun under a palm tree. Quite the change from the snow we had in Victoria last week! We have a lot of fun things scheduled for the next two weeks and I will be sure to document it all!!! The grocery stores here are pretty crazy, everything is in mega sized portions and super cheap! And the news is pretty intense. We were watching it last night and every story is about people getting shot or dead babies or people being kidnapped. I miss Canadian news!!  So I’m trying something Ive never done before on this blog, VIDEO!!! Bear with me, this is the first time I’ve tried this so it might not be amazing. But here’s a little bit of footage I took this morning around our hotel in Riverside. I actually took two videos but the first one didn’t really work so here’s the second one, nothing too crazy, just a little tour of parts of the hotel!! Hopefully you like it!! So I can’t upload the video, the internet is too slow, i’m going to upload this post and then later I’ll upload the video!! SORRY!!

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