Day 1

In Uncategorized on January 19, 2011 at 3:03 am

I’m still having problems uploading videos, so I think that I have to try to change the format of them and then try to upload. Sorry to dissapoint you! I’ll make it happen! So today was our first day at school. It was an orientation day so we met professors and learned about the course we’re taking here in California. Oh and they gave us cool UCR t-shirts!! We got a nice binder full of information, and they split us into the groups we’ll be taking our classes in. Since there’s 118 students, obviously we won’t all fit in one classroom. So there’s five groups of 24 students and we take the same classes but in a rotation. We heard from the director of the program who gave us some more detail about the program and what to expect. It’s getting really exciting!! The professors are all really nice and we have some fun field trips coming up. Next wednesday we have a mandatory trip to Universal Studios where we get a behind the scenes tour and then have time to explore for ourselves!! All the locals keep referring to ‘winter’. Which apparently is right now. Us Canadians are basking in the glorious sunshine and swimming by the pool, and they keep calling it winter. I’m going to get working on this video problem! More later!!

And here’s a few little photos of us on our first day of classes!! yay!! It’s tough to get a photo where one of us isn’t making a stupid face!

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