School is fun!

In Uncategorized on January 20, 2011 at 1:58 am

We had a great time in the rest of our class. It got so hot in there that I almost fell asleep a few times, but the prof was so cool. We had some really interesting talks about tourism and hospitality and how much the industries have grown in the last few years. We also did a drawing about what hospitality and tourism meant to us. Some of the groups had really cool ones, I still think ours was probably the most awesome (I may be a little bit biased!!)

It has ‘pineapple’ written in all the languages that our group spoke, and the slogan on the top says ‘Have a Juicy Experience’. We decided that to us, tourism and hospitality are about bringing people together, regardless of whether you’re working in the industry or are vacationing. And pineapples are international symbols of hospitality. So we made a travelling pineapple. Seemed logical!

Derrek and his group thought that tourism and hospitality are like a book because you never know what’s coming up in the next chapter! I support that for sure.

Two of my group members, both Spanish, working hard!

I’m definitely learning some Spanish. Today I learned ‘fresa’ which is strawberry!! I’m confident that I will be fluent by the end of this work term!!

We (the Canadian crew) are renting a car and driving around the California coast this weekend. It seems a shame to be here and not go take a look!! Planning is in process as we speak!

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