In Uncategorized on January 22, 2011 at 7:16 am

So I’ve been losing my mind since we got here trying to upload videos to this little blog of mine and to no avail. Derrek, being the brilliant mind that he is, suggested today that I just upload them to youtube and then put the links here, which is exceedingly clever. So, now I’m uploading to youtube! Links coming soon!! I also realized that I neglected to post info about Derrek and I being on Chek 6 news! We did a little interview for them right before we left and they put us on the Island 30!! It’s really great publicity for the college and was fun for us to do! If you missed it on the news, it’s ok, you can go to Chek’s website ( and then click on the ‘island30’ button, then click on the Jan 19th link, our video will pop up! Take a peek!! We actually played it in class today, which was fun.

Class today was fun, it was all about travel and tourism. We got to hear from everyone about the eco-tourism that is present in each of their countries and talk about them. I find it very interesting how little they recycle over here. Programs like LEED, and Energy Star and Green Key are so prevalent back home and we are so focused on recycling that I never really think about how other places operate. There are no recycling bins anywhere here!

Linds and I went and saw a movie tonight, ‘No Strings Attached’, the new romantic comedy with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, soooo cute. We’re now relaxing and watching Batman. Such a nice change to be watching movies on a friday night instead of working. I could get used to this!! Tomorrow we are renting a car and driving down the coast with the boys, I can’t wait!! I’m really excited to see Santa Monica and Venice Beach!! We’re meeting up with my friend Dawn who lives in San Clemente and she’s offered us her place to stay in, which is SO generous and most appreciated because well, we’re students and don’t have much in the money department. Anyhoo, I’m feeling mellow and sleepy, so I’m going to keep uploading video and hopefully I have some links for later!!

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