Best Buy

In Uncategorized on January 30, 2011 at 6:56 am

We had such a great time in LA and I will tell some stories and post some pictures, but first I wanted to share a story about customer service. Being in hospitality means that we are hyper aware of the service we receive when we aren’t working.

Last night while we were in LA, I managed to slip and fall and break my camera!! The lens was stuck out and crooked!! I was devastated and no amount of pulling, pushing or throwing it at the ground could make it work again. So all day today we used Lindsey’s camera and promised that we would go to a Best Buy at some point during our day to try and get it fixed. So the time came, we found a Best Buy, we were in a great mood, having the best day. When I got to the camera section, I was directed to the ‘Geek Squad’ at the corner of the store where hopefully my problem could be resolved. At the Geek Squad corner I waiting patiently for 15 minutes where no one greeted me, or said they’d be right with me, or even acknowledged my presence. Finally a man approached me and I explained how I didn’t buy the camera there and wasn’t from the country and wasn’t going to be around long and asked if there was any way they could help me. The clerk looked at my camera for somewhere near 20 seconds, said that they didn’t do in-store repairs and that they would have to send it away. He said that it would cost up to $200 and that it would be better if I just bought a new one. Not phased, (I had already resigned myself to having to buy a new one) Linds and I continued on to camera shop. When we reached the camera section a Best Buy employee came around the corner and asked if he could help us. ‘Sell me a camera please!!’ Said I. I was excited, I love buying new things, especially when they are shiny. The man, seeing my crippled camera swinging wildly from my wrist, asked what was wrong with it. I explained that it was broken and headed for the camera junkyard, as fixing was impractical. He grabbed it, examined it for a moment and asked if he could try to fix it. I was all for him trying, it couldn’t possibly get any more broken! So he pushed and prodded at the lens and low and behold, it snapped back into place!!! My camera was fixed!! He saved the day!!! I was SO IMPRESSED!!!! I was already convinced my camera was dead, I was ready to buy a new one, I even had one picked out. He could have very easily sold me a camera, and a memory card and a case, but he didn’t, instead he went out of his way to FIX the original problem, even thought my camera wasn’t from his store. He even managed to turn around my original annoyance at being ignored at the Geek Squad. It’s people like this that make me really happy to offer fantastic customer service to my guests!!! If I can make even just one person a day feel as good as I did when I left that store, I’m doing my job!! Good job Best Buy, I’ll be back!!

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