Training Day

In Uncategorized on February 4, 2011 at 3:19 am

Today was training day 1! There’s a LOT of training for my position. I’m in classes with other people from my program who are concierge and front desk. At this point all of us CP’s (college program students) and ICP’s (international college program, like me!) are divided up into groups by what position we are cast in. Oh, sidebar, I should fill you in on the Disney Language. Yes, I said Disney Language, capital D, capital L. There’s a different language here, based upon the idea that we are all part of the the Disney show. We are not employees, we are cast members. We aren’t at work, we are on stage, or back stage. We don’t wear uniforms, we have costumes. We don’t have customers, we have guests. It’s pretty neat, it really helps to develop the corporate culture that makes Disney a fantastic place to work. So, now you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say these things.

Moving along, where was I? Oh right, groups, casting. Got it. So, I’m in training with the other front office staff, just as the lifeguards are in training with the other lifeguards, etc. You get the picture. So, concierge is a very involved job. I have 4 days of training (8 hour days) at Disney University, today being day one. Then I have one day off and I begin my training within the resort, just front desk to start with, because I need to be able to function in both the front desk and concierge positions. Also next week, my Corporate Analysis class begins at Disney University. Big week!! At least all of us Canadians are in the same class, that makes me VERY happy. So then after 5 training shifts on the front desk, I go back to Disney University to train more specifically for concierge. So then I have another 3 days of training at the University and THEN, I begin my concierge position. LOTS of training. Which is great because I need to learn everything about not just Disney World, but also Orlando and the US in general. I felt really well prepared at class today, as you all know, I’ve been a Disney junkie since day one, so when our trainers went into detail about our resorts, I was very ready and already knew what they were talking about. That felt good, I love being prepared. I also got some work shoes today. Which is great because I really needed them, and I start work soon.

Oh, AND I have the best homework ever. Today they told us to get into the parks as much as possible to really get to know our surroundings. As a Concierge, I need to know everything about all the resorts, parks, and attractions, not just the one I’m working in. So tomorrow, Linds and I are doing some studying. The best kind of studying. Playing in Disney World!! And by playing I mean analyzing the park and making mental notes so as to be the best Concierge I can be! As they keep telling us, ‘We Make Magic Moments!’ I feel magically enhanced already!

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