So much learning

In Uncategorized on February 6, 2011 at 5:39 am

This will be a short one because I’m really tired, and need some sleep. It’s been a long few days, lots of things to learn in training class and then I’ve been spending the evening in the parks trying to figure out where I am, and ride all the attractions so that I can advise my guests! I know what you’re thinking, ‘ooohhh tough work, going to Disney World.’ And you’re right, I’m living the dream! However, there really is a lot to learn before my first onstage shifts and Disney puts a lot of trust and confidence in their concierge staff so I have a very high performance standard to maintain. I went to Epcot after work tonight and I LOVED it. There are some seriously amazing rides. The ride based on Finding Nemo is actually backed by a massive working aquarium with dolphins and all kinds of things. And the Soarin’ ride is so cool, it’s as if you are para-sailing through multiple beautiful settings, the chairs actually twist and make you feel like you’re flying. I feel as if it’s really important for me to ride all the rides. Even the ones I wouldn’t necessarily choose to ride, it’s important that I am able to advise families of exactly what those rides are like, and the more passionate I am about the park, the easier it will be to make magic moments for my guests. The Illumination firework event, which happens every night, was AMAZING!! I look a really neat picture that I’ll put up soon! Anyhow, I’m beat, definitely time for some rest!!!

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