Best Homework Ever

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As a Concierge cast member, it is my responsibility to know the parks backwards and forwards. What better way to become an expert than seeing and doing everything in all of the parks?! Just as a side note, today is my fourth consecutive day spending time one or more of the parks, I’ve been going after training every day. So Linds and I had a day off today and we spent it in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot. I adore Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I absolutely love how it looks like Los Angeles. It has some of my favorite rides (The Hollywood Tower of Terror, Toy Story Midway Mania, and The Rock’n Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith) and the stores are full of really fantastic Disney merchandise. Something that I’m really noticing in all the parks is how amazing the attention to detail is. Whichever park you’re in or ride you’re on, nothing is left undone. Every detail has been seen to, and it really enhances the experience. As does the attitude of the cast. Every cast member acts and dresses as if they are part of the ride. If you’re on the Tower of Terror, all the cast are dressed as bell-hops and behave as if they are working in a very high class LA hotel. At the Toy Story Midway Mania ride, the cast are dressed as toys and also refer to the guests as toys when they enter and exit the ride; it really makes you feel like you’re in  giant toy box, which is the premise of the ride! Disney is SO dedicated to the show and as I’m discovering, the Disney trainers really instill that dedication into all of the cast members. At the concierge desk, not only do I have a costume, but I even have a special greeting that is used only in my park, so the show goes on not just at the attractions, but anywhere you go within a Disney park. As you travel through any of the parks, it’s remarkable how almost every person is either wearing or carrying a piece of Disney merchandise. Disney really has marketing down to a science. I can’t wait to learn about their marketing philosophies!! Speaking of learning, tomorrow we have our first Corporate Analysis class. Very exciting. Can’t wait! We took some video of our adventures today, click HERE to see it! And I’ll put a few photos up as well!! Enjoy!!

This is the evening show ‘Illuminations’ that runs every night in Epcot’s World Showcase. The building you see is part of the entrance-way to the China part of the Showcase.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has some really lovely stores. As you know, the villains are my favorite!!

As you walk down towards the Toy Story Midway Mania ride, the street is lined with giant toys, making it seem as though the guest has been shrunk down to the size of a child’s toy!!

We had a chance to visit with a few of our favorite Disney characters from the movie Monsters Inc. That’s Mike Wazowski on the left with Linds and I’m getting a big hug from Sulley!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to this fantastic New York City scene, used in many movies. Yup, the buildings in the very back are not real. Well, they’re really painted walls, but not real buildings! The ones in the foreground are actual buildings.

At the GM Test Track, after the main ride, you can check out some exciting things that GM is working on!

The famous Sorceror’s hat that symbolizes Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

One of my very favorite rides!!

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We had to try on some mouse ear hats! It just had to be done!

This is in the Mexico pavillion in Epcot! Lovely!

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