First Official Shift

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2011 at 6:03 pm

Well yesterday was my first official shift in the resort. I’m supposed to have 5 shifts on front desk with a trainer before I’m on my own and then go back for concierge training. Well yesterday morning, I waited where I was supposed to for my trainer. 40 mins later one of the managers came down to get me and explained that my trainer had called out sick. So he didn’t really know what to do with me. So he introduced me to the back office cast and left me with them for a bit. This was really amazing because back office does EVERYTHING. The front desk staff in Disney resorts don’t even answer phones. Back office re-arranges rooms, assigns rooms, takes care of all the problems. Really just runs the hotel. Back office is somewhere near 2 positions higher than what I was hired for so it was a really neat opportunity for me to see what they do. Then I went to the front desk where I had a trainer that already had a trainee, so he helped me with my first check in and then I pretty much got to work alone. It was really cool. I learn better if I’m thrown right into things anyway so I really liked that. I received much praise for my work yesterday and that made me happy! I just adore all the people that I work with, everyone is sooo much fun. I really think that I’m going to like it here! I went for a nice workout this morning and now I’m off to work again. Hopefully my trainer is there today, if not, I’m sure I’ll have another adventurous day!

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