Corporate Analysis

In Uncategorized on February 17, 2011 at 5:06 pm

I just came from my corporate analysis class. I think I love that class more every week. Today we talked about the last 75 years of Disney history. It’s REALLY interesting. I think it makes me feel much more invested as a cast member to know the company’s history. I feel more dedicated to upholding Walt’s vision of Disney World having learnt more about his life and the life of the company. It will be really interesting when we start comparing the Walt Disney Company with other companies. I’m a really big fan of Bob Iger. For someone who just took over as president of the company, he’s really dedicated to the company’s history. Ever since Walt lost the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in the 20’s, he’d tried and tried to get Oswald back from Universal. It never happened. In 2006, Bob got Oswald back. Things like that really show Bob’s dedication to Walt’s legacy, and I like that.

I also like how Disney has their own front desk operation system. Have I mentioned that? I think I may have in passing, but I’d like to mention more about it. Last year, Disney decided they were tired of using the same operation systems as every other resort and they created their very own front desk operating system. It’s called Lilo. Yes, like Lilo and Stich. It’s totally exclusive to Disney and it’s SO cool. The really neat thing that I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet is how Lilo co-operates with The Hub. The Hub is our Disney intranet. It has all the information we as cast members need to function day-to-day. On The Hub we can view our schedules, request time off, book hotel rooms, and check out what’s going on all over Disney property. It also links with Lilo when you’re working at the front desk. I can use Lilo to send requests to housekeeping to send a guest more towels, or laundry detergent. Obviously not everyone can access those parts of The Hub, someone in merchandise, for instance, won’t have the same access to certain areas that I do being at front desk. It’s really neat.

Oh, I also need to mention how much I love my job. My resorts are SO COOL!! Everyone there is wonderful. I get along so well with everyone already. And in the tunnels below the resorts, cast members zip around on special bikes, and even segeways. I don’t get a segeway because I don’t need ro spend much time zipping around in the tunnels between the resorts, but some cast do get to use them and it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Well that’s all I really have for now. I have some lovely photos from our last few days in the parks but I haven’t uploaded them yet and right now I have to run to work!!! More later!!

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