Service Fanatic

In Uncategorized on February 24, 2011 at 7:07 am

So things are good. I love my job. I’m starting to feel pretty comfortable and competent, which is nice. It’s a pretty steep learning curve moving to a brand new place and working front desk. Not only do you have to get to know a whole new city, and a whole new operating system, but you have to do it fast and be able to tell everyone else anything they want to know. It’s Disney, people pay to come here and be happy, and if you have a Disney nametag on they expect you to know/fix/deal with everything. The Disney nametag is an amazing little thing. It makes people trust you with EVERYTHING…their money, their luggage, their children, it’s unreal. And if anything goes wrong, we also get to hear about it and make it better. The really nice thing about my resort is that we are given the power to fix things, if we think the guest deserves a dollar amount credited to their account, we can just do it. If we want to send up chocolates and a cheese plate to a guest, we can do it. It’s really cool.

We here at Disney have four service basics. They are drilled into our heads during training and even on the job we get randomly grilled by supervisors. They were designed as a simple, concise way to wrap up exactly what is expected from the cast members. If we do really well in one or more of those service basics, it’s possible for another cast member or even a guest, to write us a ‘Service Fanatic’ card. It’s a really neat system. It rewards you for doing a good job and it also gets you entered to win a prize of some kind, money or a better parking spot. I’m a little fuzzy on exactly what the prizes are but there are definitely prizes. I LOVE prizes. And I love being told I’m doing a good job. It really makes me want to work harder and continue doing a good job. So I got one of these the other day and took a photo with my phone so I could put it up here. Sorry if the quality isn’t great.

You get the picture! They’re neat. I like them.

My marketing class starts next week. Very exciting. Technically I don’t get any credit for this class from Camosun, but it’s free and I think it’ll be really interesting because lets face it, Disney are marketing geniuses. It also gives me a chance to network with more people in Disney who know more than me, and who may have some good connections. The marketing prof has been sending out emails on our Disney education website and he sounds really interesting. I’m really excited.

Oh, also. I’m taking a certificate program online through Harvard. Disney and Harvard have paired up and Harvard offers us 6 different online certificate programs. These have no cost to me and I’ll be able to put Harvard on my resume. I might do a few, we’ll see. So the way it works is that there’s 9 required components to each certificate and you do them all online at your own pace and then send all your work to Harvard. I chose the ‘Global Business’ certificate. It looks really interesting. Anyhow, it’s late and I have to get some internship applications done! fun! bye!

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