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Oh my goodness. I have so much to tell you and so little time! This might just be a quick one and I’ll take more time tomorrow to upload lots of photos and give more details. So, where to start. We are so busy. We did over 700 check ins today and are operating at 102% capacity. Yaaaa. Busy. Which means things sometimes go wrong and whenever things go wrong, guests just love to come yell at us. So I spent parts of my 12 hour shift today just getting yelled at. Which I don’t mind. I know it’s not my fault and if yelling makes someone feel better they might as well yell at me, and then I can try to fix it. Which is often easy. Sometimes the guests just want to be listened to. I understand. I still love my job, even when I’m getting yelled at. Oh, and Bruce Willis is on property right now. He was in Magic Kingdom today and was in Animal Kingdom yesterday. Pretty cool. We get a lot of celebrities in Animal Kingdom Lodge because of the animals. It’s the only resort of it’s kind in the US. Oh speaking of the resort, I have pictures of it to post, but I’ll do that all tomorrow. I will post a picture today of the space shuttle launch. Kind of. We watched it, I caught a picture of the smoke trail that it made. It was really cloudy out so unfortunately the picture isn’t great but it was really neat to see. Apparently this mission is the last one for that particular ship so I’m really happy I got to see it!

So you can just see the white smoke trail in the middle of the photo. Very anticlimactic, I know, but the important thing is that I saw it! We were up on the sixth floor concierge balcony and I also got a really cool photo of the view from up there.

So that’s just a little preview of my resort and the view. Oh maybe I’ll also put in the photo of the cool things the housekeepers do with the towels!

How cute is that!? Mickey!! The housekeepers actually all go to a class that teaches them how to make all kinds of things. They can make bunnies and swans and ducks and a lot of really cool things. On that note, I need to head to bed, it’s about that time, I have to be up and back at the lodge at 8am. More tomorrow, I’ll put up the rest of the photos from the resort!!

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