Forgotten Tidbits

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So in my massive uploading and posting of photos the other day, I believe I missed a few important ones, including MY COSTUME!!! Which I know you’re all dying to see!!!

The sign from the lounge bar
This is in one of the gift shops, a cute little table where guests can play tic tac toe!
This is the King’s door, just inside the doors at Kidani Village, African legend says you must touch the door on your way in for good luck
This is a piece used in the rites of passage to manhood in Africa. Young boys must wear this (if you look under the flaps you can see there’s leg holes made of fabric attached) and carry it a certain distance to be considered a man. If he fails to complete this task he is shunned from the village.

It is very interesting to note that the Animal Kingdom Lodge actually has the greatest collection of African artifacts on display in North America. The Smithsonian has more pieces if you could what’s not on display, but we have more on display than they do.

This is the indoor fire-pit where guests may gather round. Traditionally, African tribes gathered around fires to hear stories and receive wisdom from the elders. The metal grate you can see that runs around the fire-pit tells the story of a young man who was very generous and performed many selfless acts within his tribe.
The stairway down to our savanna lookout has one of these gorgeous pillars on each side.
This rock is built to resemble a lion. The stairs being his mane. There is a hidden mickey on the rock but it’s much to small for you to see it in this photo. The stick that is leaning up in the middle there was used by tribes as a ladder.
The Presidential Suite. Celebrities like to stay here
The vice presidential suite
The theme throughout Jambo house is water, earth and fire. This water fall begins up at the Victoria Falls lounge and flows down (with an interruption for stairs) and outside. Here it flows down towards the pools. Jiko is on the right.
Resort map
This hot tub appears to be right in the savanna.
Take a seat!!
MY COSTUME!!! I also have a little neck tie thing that I’m not wearing there. Bad Erica. Please excuse the mess, we just moved. Anyway, that’s my costume, I look like a safari guide!!

So Lindsey and I had a few hectic days trying to get all moved but we are officially living together and are now at the Vista Way apartments. The Vista apartments are louder but they also have access to a better learning center and all the other Canadians live here so we’re really happy to be closer to them.

  1. can't wait to come!!!!!

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