Change is good

In Uncategorized on March 15, 2011 at 1:52 am

So I still love my job. It’s really fun. I get to go for my concierge training in a week or so which is also super exciting. I cant wait to be doing concierge shifts. I did a lot of guest recovery today, I actually really enjoy it. I think I’d do well in guest relations. I really like the guests with issues because it’s so satisfying when you can solve those issues. Obviously it doesn’t always work out perfectly every time but that’s part of the job. I’m starting to realize now how much I like problem solving. Now that I’m comfortable on the desk, I’m noticing where my strengths and weaknesses are. I LOVE guests with questions. I would rather answer questions and fix mistakes all day then just check guests in. So I think I’ll like concierge a lot because it’s 90% questions and tickets and fun stuff like that. I had some meetings with the GM of my hotel and my other managers about my internship applications and all of them were so supportive and helpful. It was amazing. I really feel like I fit in here. I’ve always been told to tone down the enthusiasm or that I’m too cheerful and here they love it.

Remember those little Great Service Fanatic cards I was talking about? There’s pictures. I got one from a guest this week, it was so sweet! And something else that’s really cool is that those go on your record card as recognitions so it makes you look really good when you apply for transfers and promotions and stuff. I have 4 now, so hopefully that will reflect well on my for my internship applications.

Disney has so many volunteer opportunities too, it’s so neat. And everyone does it together!! There’s a charity bowl-a-thon coming up and I’m on a team! So neat! And if we log our volunteer hours on the Disney website they do all kinds of cool things for us at the end of the year. (Hopefully I’ll be here for that). I’ll take pictures and be sure to post them!! I’m trying to find the link that you can go to for donations but I’m having a tough time.

I know I had a bunch of other things to blog about however they seem to be escaping me right now. I’ve been working a lot, my brain is a little mushy!! Oh, we have a corporate analysis midterm tomorrow. I’m going to get studying!!

  1. What a kiss-ass! just kidding! You are a superstar and I'm glad to hear you are learning new things and loving the adventure!

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