Animal Kingdom Again

In Uncategorized on March 21, 2011 at 2:02 am

So there’s a core group of us Canadians that are here from Camosun that talk every day and are very close. That would be Lindsey, Derrek, Johnny, Christian, Chris and myself. These days it’s becoming more rare that we get a lot of time just with us. We’ve all made new friends and are working lots so it’s really extra special when we get Team Canada time. Just a little while ago, one of these momentous occasions happened to occur. And it was glorious. We were missing one of us, but we suffered through and went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I thought you might enjoy some of the photos we took that day. Photo credit goes to Derrek for the most part! And sometimes random strangers, and I took a few too.

Yup. That’s us. What a team.

The tree of life is a big part of the Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom has areas that are made to look like Asia, and Africa, and then there’s also Dinoland USA. This is on the bridge to Africa

In the distance you can see the Expedition Everest ride. Which is pretty much my favorite

In the line to get on the Kali River Rapids we found some cool Buddha statues and posed with them. Here’s Derrek!


That’s me!

Linds and I in an archway in Asia

Trying to decide if we really should take a photo in the bushes.

We decided it was a good idea

Best friends!

And there you have it. I feel really lucky to have such amazing friends here with me. We’re such a dynamic group and have become family. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

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