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So this week I got to work some curbside shifts. Curbside is a function of the front desk, whomever is on curbside gets to stand outside and work closely with valet, bell desk, security, and the front desk to streamline the guest check-in experience. Which means I get a clipboard with the list of guests that are arriving on it, AND I get a cool earpiece with a radio so I can talk to everyone. Anytime a guest comes through the front gates, security radios out and tells me their arrival number and what kind of vehicle they’re driving. By the time they get to the door, I have their welcome packets ready and am prepared to check them in and direct them to their rooms. If they did online check in I can usually just get them from their vehicles right into the resort. If not I escort them to the front desk and find a cashier to assist them. I LOVE THIS JOB! It’s so much fun. It’s almost like a video game, you have to find your guests and get to them before they get to the door and greet them. Plus I love talking to strangers and on curbside you get to see everyone as they come in or out. People ask questions, ask for directions, or sometimes just feel like chatting. It’s so cool. I work closely with the daytime ops supervisor in the back who monitors the check ins also and puts together the packages for me to give out. It’s really beneficial to have someone out on curbside because it shortens the amount of time that guests have to wait in line and also can help us avoid guest conflict. Today our computer systems went down and I was able to intercept several guests outside and warn them about the situation and recommend something for them to do for a little while until our system was back up. That was people don’t wait in line and get frustrated. Plus I get to stand outside all day, and did I mention how cool the little headset is? Super cool. Moral of the story is that curbside is awesome and I like it a lot.

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