One on One

In Uncategorized on March 28, 2011 at 5:49 am

So us front desk cast members have a lot of leaders. Our leaders have leaders. It gets confusing. So the system they have in place is that all of us cashiers and concierge cast have ‘homerooms’ so that we have a homeroom leader who is our direct go-to person. Obviously we are able to go to any leader with a question or comment or concern, but our homeroom leaders are kind of like our primary contact person. I adore all the leaders, but my homeroom leader is super awesome, such a great guy and a really hard worker. Today we sat down and had a one on one meeting. It’s kind of like a progress report, or an evaluation if you will, but not super formal. We sat down and talked about how I like my job, if I have any concerns, if there’s any questions I have and then things he thinks I could improve upon. It’s a great opportunity to touch base and see where we’re at both from my point of view and the point of view of my management. We at the lodge are working really hard right now to keep up our four diamond service standards because we have the CAA assessment people coming in soon to decide whether we get a fourth diamond or not. We call it ‘the diamond safari’ (everything keeps with the themes, always). So service is of the utmost importance right now. So anyway, we had a lovely meeting and I really love that I have that resource of having someone that I can check in with who knows what my goals are and is committed to helping me achieve them.

I have also started the Harvard online courses. I did the budgeting component of the certificate yesterday and it was really interesting. They have a lot of material for you to use as a reference and video lecture pieces built into the course content that are really interesting and applicable. I’m going to do another class tomorrow. Should be exciting!

Oh I’m so excited, my family is coming to visit soon!!! We’re staying at Old Key West resort, so that’s exciting too.  I miss them so much and I’m so excited to have them here so I can show them my new world!!

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