Epic Win

In Uncategorized on May 1, 2011 at 6:11 pm

I’ve come to realize that the best tool I have at my disposal is my freakishly cheerful attitude. For instance, with the guest that dumped garbage on my desk. She was determined to be in a really horrible mood. I may have neglected to mention that the reason they didn’t want to stay in the new room was that she could see a tree outside her window. Oh really ma’am? Well I am so very sorry that there is a tree in the savanna of the African themed resort that you are staying at. Is what I realllllly wanted to say. However I smiled, and apologized, and fixed the situation, and continued to smile until she smiled too. This is what I do, please, bring me your anger, bring me your attitude, because I can guarantee that it is no match for my cheerfulness. You can be as angry at me as you want, and I will be cheerful right back at you, while I fix whatever is making you angry, until you are so tired from being angry that you just have to smile. And by that point, the problem is solved and somehow you’re not angry. And I win. End of story.

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