The last few days!

In Uncategorized on May 1, 2011 at 6:03 pm

So I recieved a call from the director of HR over at the Hilton Head Island Resort, much to my surprise. The last time I spoke with them I declined to continue the interview process because of the length of my program and not being able to extend my visa. I did tell them that if anything came up with a later start date that I’d love to be interviewed again. Soooo I called her back and she put me in touch with the director of recreation whom I interviewed with yesterday. This position would be a professional internship within the recreation department. So ther would be some lifeguarding, some working at the bike rental stand, some guiding campfire sing a longs, and things of that nature. It is definintely different than what I’d like to do ideally, but I also want to stay within the company, and that resort would be such a fabulous opportunity to do so. At this point I’m also getting excited for my trip home so I’m kind of on a fence here. Also, I don’t even know what’s happening with my visa. So I’m going to casting after work today to see what steps I need to take to have Disney sponsor my visa. So I’ll know more tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Well the royal wedding happened the other morning and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it. Not because I watched it, or am particularily interested, but because the whole event highlights a very interesting cultural difference. Here, the wedding is all over the tabloids, people are talking about it non-stop, there’s been a made for tv movie done about it, all kinds of shenanigans. I work with two lovely British girls and they are shocked at the amount of attention the wedding is getting. Neither of them planned to watch the wedding and both said that in England, it’s not at all publicized like it is here. It’s not on the tabloids, it’s not gossip over there because it’s their government. One of the girls simply said, ‘The queen would just not allow the royal wedding to be in gossip magazines, it just wouldn’t happen.’ I thought that was really interesting. It’s also very interesting to see the reactions of guests when they see that we have British cast members, most of them ask if they’re planning on watching………they aren’t. Among the more interesting and less intelligent questions I’ve heard is, ‘Did you get invited?’. One of the girls thought that was hysterical, her response being ‘Did you get invited to Barrak Obama’s wedding?’ All in all it’s been a very entertaining few days. 

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