BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

In Uncategorized on May 4, 2011 at 5:42 am

SO EXCITED!! I was on my merry way into work this afternoon after finishing our very last corporate analysis class, all happy and full of a delicious iced coffee beverage. My day was already lovely. And then the phone rang. On the other end of that phone call was a lovely lady from Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, extending me an official offer for a Professional Internship in Recreation with them. I almost jumped out of my seat on the bus. SO EXCITING!! There’s quite a few details that we need to work out. They want me to start quite a bit before my program here is over so I need to figure out if I can leave my program early. Even before that I need to figure out if they’ll even give me a visa! So I’m off to casting on thursday to try and get myself a shiny new visa. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!!! EEEEK!!! SO EXCITED!!!!! The Hilton Head property has some really neat recreation things there so I’d be changing up duties all the time, campfire singalongs, bike rentals, lifeguarding, taking groups to movies, water sports. EEEEK!!!! I need to calm down until thursday when I can find out if I can even stay. I think that maybe if I come in with some line graphs that show how guest satisfaction goes up in direct correlation to my being with the company that will ensure me a visa for SURE! More later….stay tuned…

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