In Uncategorized on May 8, 2011 at 6:26 am

So I had a delightful time working at the Polynesian! I loved it over there!! So much fun!! I got along really well with everyone and it sounds like they want me to come back soon which is great! Here is a photo of their lovely costume!! It’s pretty comfy and breezy, I enjoyed it!!

Some unfortunate news, I won’t be able to take the Hilton Head position because I can’t get a visa extension. Soooo looks like I’ll be coming home after all. Which is good to, Derrek and I are planning a very fun trip home, so that should be exciting, and I do miss home!

Tanille and her mom are visiting right now which is fabulous! We’re staying right at the DAK lodge, so it’s the best commute to work EVER for me! Tanille and I ran in the Expedition Everest Challenge to night. It was amazing, a 5km run through the Animal Kingdom park, with an obstacle course and a scavenger hunt component. And there was even an after party with a dj and characters! Disney sure knows how to throw a party! The race was so well organized and perfectly executed. I was blown away.  AND the finisher medals are spectacular!! They are actual compasses that work and everything!! I loved every minute of today. It’s so nice to race with Tanille again, we haven’t raced together since our last triathlon, so it was a really great that she could be here for this! Photos of the race coming soon! 

I don’t think I put bowling photos up on here from our cast Bowl-a-thon, did I?? Silly me, I should do that right now!

That’s myself with some of our super fun cast members from the lodge! We had so much fun!

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