Lounge Guests

In Uncategorized on May 22, 2011 at 6:50 pm

I just love the lounge. I really have a chance to bond with the guests. Yesterday I met some guests who will be here for a week. I got to talking with a father and his son, and it turns out the son played basketball and competed in Canada and actually played against UVic  (UVic beat them, just for the record). So we had a really interesting chat about the differences between Americans and Canadians and fun things like that. The thing that I really like is that they will be here for the whole week. So I’ll get to see them every night and see what they did during the day and really interact with them. We don’t really get a chance to do that when we’re working on the desk because we get so busy. Don’t get me wrong, we still do bond with guests and they will stop by and visit day after day but it’s not quite the same as the lounge where they get to sit and eat and drink. It’s a much more relaxed atmosphere will less pressure because there’s no line for us to get through.

It looks like I’ll also be getting a little bit more responsibility around here soon. We have something coming up called ‘The Basics Rollout’. You might recall me mentioning the Basics, they’re the four basics of Disney service. So what’s about to happen is a bit of restructuring within the Disney World Resorts. Now, we at the DAK lodge have been doing this already for a few months to be better prepared when the basics rollout hits resort wide. So there’s a few positions that will be introduced that we already have been doing, like curbside. As you all know, I LOVE curbside. So one of the managers approached me hoping that I would assist in training the new batch of CP’s for things like curbside. Of course I said YES PLEASE!! I’m pretty excited about that. I also have been really curious about the IPO position. IPO is Itinerary Planning Office. Basically, these cast members work with guests before they even arrive at Disney World and help them build their vacations. Which sounds like something I’d LOVE!! Now realistically, I won’t be here long enough to get any training in IPO, but I did ask if I can shadow them once or twice whenever there’s an opportunity and they said yes!! So I’m very excited about this new opportunity to learn  some more sstuff!!

Learning is FUN!!

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