Great Stirrup Cay

In Bahamas, Disney College Program, travel, vacation on June 6, 2011 at 2:22 pm
So night 1 on the cruise has passed. We made it to Miami with great success its so nice to be out of orlando. A few days off will be lovely. Our ship is massive!! It’s so crazy how many decks and people and activities are inboard. Night 1 was lovely. There was a sail away party on deck 11, with DJ’s and dancing and whatnot. We hangout on some deck chairs and suntanned and enjoyed the beginning of our mini vacation. This is my first cruise. Everyone always talks about the food but you really don’t understand until you are here. There is so much food everywhere all the time!! And really good food too!! There’s fresh fruit and veggies everywhere!! It’s amazing and so nice to have that kind of stuff for once. Today we took a boat to Great Stirrup Cay! Its NCL’s private island and it’s lovely. The girls got some snorkel gear and went snorkeling. I swam along with them but didn’t get snorkel stuff. I also fell asleep with my hand on my stomach in the sun and have a hand tan print on my tummy. Seriously. Epic fail. They had a massive BBQ on the island for us for lunch, again, so delicious! I’m currently back on the little boat headed back to the ship so I can go to the gym. There’s absolutely no cell service here, which is a fabulous idea but I’m not sure when I’m going to get a chance to post this. No worries, I’m on vacation. The water here is amazing, so blue and warm. I spent a majority of my day just swimming around. I love water, I could swim forever. Tonight we want to play bingo and go to a dance party they are putting on. Should be fun.Paradise!! 

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