Taking Care of Business

In Uncategorized on June 7, 2011 at 11:37 pm

I can’t believe we leave Orlando in 53 days!! It’s gone by so fast. This last month is just going to fly by, I can already tell. I’m on break at work, and as per usual, I’ve commandeered our GSO’s secretary’s desk and I’m working on my laptop. I’m actually really enjoying our online marketing class. We watch a lot of videos and read articles from top movers and shakers in the advertising world and I’m really learning a lot more than I expected. I really enjoy marketing, it’s such a fascinating topic. I also love doing my homework at work. I get a lot done on my hour break, instead of staring into space in the lunchroom, and I find when I sit at the secretary’s desk, people stop and talk to me. I was doing a leadership assignment the other day and one of our Guest Service Managers sat down with me and started talking about leadership and how each leadership type can be related to a Disney Villain. It was really interesting. Plus the secretary has a lot of cool random Disney stuff on her desk that I like to play with. Ok, back to work!! Only a half hour left of my homework time, I mean break!

P.S. You may have noticed that on a few of my posts as of late, the photos have been a little wonky, I’m fixing them I promise. This is because I had to stop using my blackberry (I melted it. Seriously, I left it in the sun, and it melted. Sorry, I’m Canadian, I’m not used to living anywhere that’s so hot it melts electronics) and am on my iphone, which I’ve put a really cool blogging app on, but I’m still trying to fine tune my posting processes. Bear with me!

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