Club desk

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2011 at 11:59 pm

So this week I’m training on the concierge club desk. It’s nice to be back in a desk setting, I feel more like a real concierge again!! There’s only a few things that are different up here from the lobby desk, one being that we get to sit down in really comfy chairs. Which is lovely!! We also get to book a few safaris that you must be DAKL concierge club guest in order to book. It’s really amazing to have the opportunity to do so much training here even though I’m a CP, I feel really proud that my hard work has payed off, I’m very lucky! We have some amazing guests in the club lounge this week. Yesterday I think I said ‘THEY are my favorite guests’ six or seven times. I really love getting to know the guests, every day I have at least 4 different families stop by the desk and tell me what they did during the day at the parks, or to ask what I think they should do the next day! It’s really magical! lol. I love my job way too much.

You may (or probably not) have noticed a change in my links (‘a wanderer’s links’ to the right of the blog posts) I’ve added Disney Food Blog to my list of links. It’s a really interesting blog full of fun things to eat and good places to go while you’re here at WDW. It gives me lots of cool ideas for my days off and also things to recommend to guests!! Speaking of cool things to do, I really need to do more things!! I have a whole list of things I still need to do before I leave here. It’s tough, there’s a million things to do here and I really want to do them all plus some things that aren’t even on Disney property!! Sigh. I need more time!!

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