St. Augustine

In Uncategorized on July 9, 2011 at 1:21 am

ROAD TRIP!!! As you know, traveling is just about my favorite thing, other than training! So with not much time left in Florida, I’ve got five days off and we’ve gone on a road trip!! As a fitness junkie, it’s always a little worrisome to leave my gym and workout habits. BUT, I just got my new best friend in the mail, the TRX training system!! Check it out at!! It’s amazing!! You can hang it from doors, or a tree, or just about anywhere that’s weight bearing, and do a fantastic body weight workout. It’s amazing. I just hung it from the hotel room door and had a killer workout! I’ve also become somewhat of a Nike NTC junkie. It’s an iphone app and it has some amazing workouts when you’re strapped for time, as I often am. The nice NTC lady even talks you through your workout and you use your own playlists and the more minutes you workout, the more cool rewards you unlock through the app!! Loving it!! So anyway, we are currently in St. Augustine, Florida which is a gorgeous town. I just love it!! It’s actually the oldest town in the US, there’s gorgeous architecture everywhere. There’s even an amazing old fort that they do historical re-enactments at! We got to see them shoot a cannon today!! Anyhow, I’m off for a swim in the hotel pool, gotta get some cardio in! Here’s  few pictures of St. Augustine! Tomorrow we head to New Orleans!!! So excited!!

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