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So I know I talk all the time about making magic and how Disney really touches people’s lives and I’m sure you don’t really believe it. But it’s true and amazing. Walt Disney World is a magical place and being there makes people feel more magical. On that note, I wanted to share an email that I recieved via our management:

This is what was sent to me by my manager:
Dumela all,
This was forwarded to me from a friend. The Hollands were staying with us from the 14th through the 21s in the Jambo House Villas. Thank you all for providing exceptional guest service to them during their last stay. We never know how much of an impact we may have on our Guests by doing ordinary tasks and what the impact may mean for them. Please take the time to read the following.

Dear Teams and Friends,
I lost 2 friends in the Joplin tornado.  They had been home from their 15th anniversary Walt Disney World vacation less than 24 hours when they were killed.  That time had been spent updating family and friends on what a wonderful and special time they had had and, in fact, Lorie was in a Disney Chat talking about it when the tornado sirens went off.  Her chatting about their Walt Disney World vacation was the last that any of us heard from her. Here is a short article about their love of Disney and the impact it has had on the family:

We never know when it will be the last time we can make a bit of magic or give a little pixie dust to a Guest.  Whomever the CMs were who impacted Glenn and Lorie’s trip certainly did their part and now, friends and family can remember them as just having had a wonderful time enjoying their favorite place in the world together rather than the horror of their last moments.  It is the one thing that is bringing comfort to hundreds, if not thousands of people right now, “At least they just had a wonderful time together at Disney”.

I hope we can all be mindful as we encounter each Guest that none of us knows what lies ahead and do our utmost to make the magic happen.  We do not have ordinary “jobs”, we have a unique privilege of working where pixie dust is readily available to us and I hope we spread it generously.  I know that’s what brought Glenn and Lorie back visit after visit and I know they would want us to continue making our special Disney magic for all of our Guests.

So, as touching as that is, it means even more to me because the last place that these guests stayed was at Animal Kingdom Lodge. They spent their last vacation with us before they died, and we made them happy. That blows my mind. We have an impact on people’s lives whether we know it at the time or now. Unreal.

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