In Uncategorized on July 19, 2011 at 4:00 am

I love when I get phone calls at the club desk that start with ‘Erica, it’s ________, I need to make some magic, can you help me?’ I always know I’m about to have a bunch of fun. I got a call like that from one of my managers today and we all sprung into action, making a little boy a birthday goody bag with a plush Tigger (his favorite character) and some special Animal Kingdom Lodge treats. SO MUCH FUN! I just love making magic!!

Also, I love our guests SO MUCH!!! I checked a couple into the club level this morning and they wanteed to go on a special safari so I booked them into the one we have that goes in the evening and includes dinner and wine at our signature restaurant and then when it was done they came back to the dsek to tell me how much fun they had and to show me all their pictures!! How much fun is that??? I just love making that personal connection with them that they get excited to come back to the desk and tell you about their day. It really makes me feel like I’ve done my job right when that happens
I had a 12 hour shift today so I managed to get my 2 breaks back to back and had an extra long time to go to the gym, so I did a  full workout and then sat in the eucalyptus steam room for 15 minutes. That is seriously the key to a happy day, usually I have an hour break so I don’t get a steam in, just a workout. When I return to work after a nice gym, I feel like it’s a whole new day, so refreshed and alert. I just love it. And eucalyptus really just topped it off, it’s got to be the most refreshing feeling ever. I actually felt cooled afterwards for the first time since it got so hot out. I am the happiest of pandas.

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