Carnival Ecstasy!!

In adventure, Carnival, Carnival Cruise Line, Cruise on September 7, 2012 at 5:05 pm

It’s my first day on the boat!! My bus came at around 5:30am this morning and then made a few more stops until there was around 30 of us all headed to the Carnival Ecstasy. There were several other buses all headed for different ships. When we arrived at Port Canaveral I started getting really excited to see my temporary new home!! A little bit about my new home, it is 13 decks high (although the 13th deck is just called the sun deck because the number 13 is bad luck) it weighs 70.367 tonnes, is 855 feet long, 103 feet wide (“beam”), holds a maximum of 2634 guests, and 920 crew members! There are 6 of us that are new Guest Service Associates, and the rest of the new crew members were taken other places. As GSA, we are technically officers, whereas people in entertainment and spa and whatnot are staff. So once we have finished our training, we will be allowed certain privileges that the others are not, such as eating in the officers mess hall, and being on guest floors when we aren’t working. The group of GSA’s in training is comprised of a woman from Russia (who is my bunkmate and has been with Carnival for 2 years, and is switching departments from housekeeping to guest services), a man from India (who was a Carnival photographer for almost 3 years, and is switching departments also), two men from Mexico and one from Greece, the last three are on their first contract, like me. We are going to be the best of friends for the next two weeks until we get sent off to our assigned ships. We started off by getting all our paperwork in order, got our nametags, and keys to our cabins. The cabins are pretty much exactly what I expected. Small!! My bunkmate wanted the bottom bunk, which is totally fine by me because I like the top bunk better. There’s actually plenty of storage space, and even a mini fridge and a teeny tiny TV with a VCR!! There are little drawers under the bottom bunk where we can lock things up if we want. Internet is pricey, $20 for 200 minutes and apparently it’s very slow. So I’m going to keep writing things down and then I’ll post them when I can!! We are currently on a wee break after our first little orientation and ship tour. We can only tour the crew area because we don’t have uniforms until tomorrow. There’s several crew mess halls, a crew lounge with a bar, pool table, and foozeball table. There’s a crew gym also, which I will use tonight, but once we have uniforms and a whole ship tour, I’ll be allowed to use the guest gym, which I will do because the crew gym is pretty average. So far everyone is very nice and helpful and lovely. Our luggage should be arriving in about 20 mins and then we will do some unpacking and settling in. Then we have more orientation and safety training! Yay! More later!

  1. Great to hear all about your ship!

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