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Yesterday I had my first observation hour on the guest services desk, today I have another two hours. It’s very interesting, the issues that you address are similar to what I’ve dealt with as a concierge at Disney, but very unique to Carnival and cruise ships. There are many things that are very similar and then other things that are totally different. So far, one of the biggest differences in the training that I’m noticing is that with Carnival there is a MASSIVE safety component in the training. Don’t get me wrong, Disney also makes safety a number one priority, but the urgency is different. In a resort, safety is very important, now imagine the resort is not only floating, but moving quite quickly and traveling long distances. It takes safety to a whole new level. Here, because we are officers, we are responsible for many safety precautions. At the beginning of every cruise, one all the guests have embarked, there are safety drills that we must do so that the guests know where to come in the event of an emergency. Once I get on my next vessel, I will be responsible for a section of those drills, a certain gathering point called a Muster Station. The guests all have different muster stations to report to, and from there, we escort them to their specific debarkation station, where they would be evacuated if an actual emergency happened. Guest Service Associates (GSA), that’s me, are also responsible for announcing some of the emergency codes in case of an emergency. Some situations are announced by the bridge, but we do some of them as well. So we have quite a bit of responsibility. Therefore, right now, we are all scrambling to learn the names of every deck, the locations of every guest muster station, (there’s also 4 for crew members), all the emergency codes, and even stairwells and their numbers. That being said, I’ve got to head back to Carnival College!! Check out me in my Carnival uniform!! I haven’t earned my wings yet, which will be little blue and gold things with stars and stripes on them that go on the tops of my shoulders! Loving the white uniforms, although I should probably invest in several hundred tide-to-go pens!!


  1. Wow. That is a serious white uniform! Even a white watch and serious white shoes! I’ll start stock piling tide-to-go pens for you!

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