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I know you all want to know about the ship food for crew. So I figured I’d dedicate an entire blog post to ONBOARD FOOD!!!!! Just what you wanted to read about, right?? I thought so. Since I’m currently in the resort using ALL the internet, it’s time for lots of long winded blog posts!!  As a lactose intolerant celiac (I’m also allergic to shellfish), food is something I’m constantly worried about. Especially when I’m faced with an unknown country/situation. I don’t care if I have a place to sleep, or a place to shower, as long as there is something I might be able to eat. If you know a celiac who travels a lot, you know what I’m talking about.  If they are anything like me, they will constantly pull a weird all natural fruit bar (My faves are very well documented on my other blog, or random fruit, or protein powder out of their bag, maybe even Ziploc bags of cooked chicken breasts. I never worry much about food when I’m home because Victoria is very allergy friendly. When I’m in the US, I always make sure that I have a stockpile of things I can eat in my suitcase, because not all places have food I can eat. I actually made room in my suitcases in the last two weeks because I packed so much random food. Disney is amazing with allergies, and I eat like a queen when I’m there, but that’s beside the point. I didn’t know what to expect from crew mess, but I kind of assumed that we’d get to eat similar food to what the guests eat. I was right. Each mess hall has its own specific hours, and varieties of food. I LOVE ship food. So it works like a buffet, one side has hot food and one side has a massive salad bar that’s like heaven. I’ve mentioned before that there are different dining rooms for different crew members. Here’s a quick breakdown:

–       Crew Mess: Everyone can eat here, it’s a little hectic, no specialized ordering.

–       Staff Mess: For staff and officers, this is where we usually eat, it’s different than crew mess because we can order things off of a menu and aren’t restricted to just the buffet, although there is a buffet as well.

–       Petty Officer Mess: I will be allowed to eat here when I get to my next ship, but I’m not sure what it’s like because I haven’t eaten there yet. Fancier, more specialized ordering. Even though we are allowed to eat there, most of the petty officers eat in the Staff Mess.

–       Officer’s Mess: Only for the Senior Officers, Captain, etc. I have no idea what it’s like in there, but I imagine it’s glorious, I’m pretty sure the food is prepared by unicorns and fairies).

There are so many food options in all the mess halls that I needn’t ever have worried about food. In fact, I may become the world’s fattest celiac because I’m SO well fed. There are definitely a lot of things I can’t eat, the hot buffet usually contains things like gourmet macaroni and cheese, steak, slow cooked chicken in different sauces, and many, many kinds of pastas. However, there is always a boiled/grilled chicken and fish option. I usually get one or both of these proteins and then put them on top of my MASSIVE salad with pretty much anything you can think of on top. There’s also always steamed veggies so I don’t need to worry that things have been cooked in a thousands pounds of butter. Breakfast consists of ALL the fruit (seriously, so much fruit), cereals, and the usual breakfast items; bacon, sausage, eggs (fried or hard boiled), pastries, etc. The lunch and dinner menus vary and they often have different menu items from other countries, one day it will be Indian themed (which I love because it’s all the flavor and none of the scary gluten/dairy), the next day Moroccan, or Chinese, etc. There are dining room staff that only work in crew mess, so everyday we see the same people, and they are so lovely.

I just came up from the pool and jacuzzi in our hotel and am hunkering down to blog for a while before I head off to sleep. Tomorrow is a big day!! Shuttle to the Port of Miami and then onto the Carnival Liberty!! I’m excited, but also very aware that I have a lot of new faces and names to learn as well as a new deck plan! I’m sure that I will love it just as much as the Ecstasy as soon as I get settled in!!

  1. Ha nevermind!! You will love the liberty it is a great ship!

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