Time Warp

In Carnival, Carnival Cruise Line, friends on October 6, 2012 at 12:31 pm

It’s funny how time passes here on the ship. It’s a strange juxtaposition of time passing really quickly and really slowly all at once. As far as the outside world, it feels like we are trapped in a black hole, I have no idea of how quickly or slowly time is passing in the real world, because we are so disconnected. Sure, I have the time and resources to skype and blog and update all my crucial social networks, but that’s not the same, and internet time is so precious that you only do the important things. Gone are the days of streaming my favorite TV shows or texting my friends daily to see what’s happening. Ship time, however, is a whole different thing. Days pass so quickly here because we work so often, and have so much to do in the hours we work, that before you know it, a whole cruise has passed (a week, in my case). Even typical human interactions feel sped up. When you start a new job in the real world, it usually takes a while before you feel really comfortable and develop friendships. On board, the people you work with are the people you eat/sleep/work/play/work out with as well. You make friends very quickly because you are surrounded by these people 24 hours a day. Obviously you get along better with some people than others, that’s just human nature. I already have several close friends onboard and one of them leaves in 4 cruises, I’m not sure what I’m going to do without her!! In the next month, our crew will be completely changing. There’s 4 people who are over their 6 month contracts and will be going on vacation, so by the time I’m finishing my second month, almost the whole team will be different!! I’m just about to change rooms and move in with my paisana from Ottawa!! She’s lovely, I think we will get along very nicely as long as we abide by the two major house rules: no talking politics, and no talking hockey!

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